Leadership means to create a value that benefits the whole of humanity. And a true leader is one who shares this value with the people. Political Leadership means to give power to the people. It is an action to move the power to the people so that the common man has all the power. And this way it becomes a distributed leadership. As of now what happens is that the politician discounts the power and through his action and administration he passes on only a discounted power to the people. This process is very dangerous to true democracy and meritocracy. And if this is not checked from time to time, it may lead to an absolute power. And we all know that the absolute power corrupts absolutely. This absolute power could lead to the eventual death of a democracy. And meritocracy shall remain a far cry.  

A New Tea Brand: “NaMo Tea”

The art of Management and Leadership is to turn every difficulty into an opportunity. I think this is what the BJP has done out of the Chaiwala” remarks uttered at the BJP leader Narendra Modi by a Congress Party MP. The BJP has strategically used this position to project their PM candidate as, “From a Tea vendor to a PM candidate”. And this situation has given rise to a new tea brand called “NaMo Tea”. And this brand will further be strenghtened after he becomes the PM.

I think that this Chaiwala” barb will cost the Congress Party very heavily. I think the Congress Party Leadership should take necessary steps to avoid leaders who make such derogatory remarks. This remark may brand the Congress Party that it is not a party of the “Common Man”.

The “NaMo Mantra” must lead us towards building the nation on the platform of Truth, Trust, and Transparency. There is nothing wrong in taking a sip of the “NaMo Tea” that takes us towads good governance. There is every possibility that this “NaMo Mantra” may lead us towards Om Namah Shivaya”.