What is God? Is God a Concept?

Please don’t contaminate their innocent minds. If that one energy is God then why the word God? Why not only energy? And then what about matter? Is matter not an energy? Then is matter the God? And what about dark matter and dark energy?

You are telling them that everything has come from space. Please also tell from where the space has come? You are telling them all coloured lights have come from the white light. And from where the white light has come? What is the meaning of a white light without a black background? Please also note that that there are some light frequencies which are not visible to the human eye. Is this the reason that you are wearing white clothes? You must be thinking that white means sacred and black means non-sacred. You must be thinking that white colour means purity and black colour means impurity. Please don’t discriminate like this otherwise the people who are following the Ayyappa Swamy may get hurt because most of the time they are wearing black clothes.

On the path of Ayyappa Swamy the people are using black clothes for a particular period. And in this period they are going through some austerities and hardships in life. The black clothes are only a metaphor for hardships and austerities. Just like on the path of Sannyas or renunciation the saffron clothes are a metaphor for the sacrifice.

The colours are just metaphors for various emotions of life. And one has to pass through all these emotions to arrive at the truth or reality. And every master uses a different colour. The colour is just a metaphor for the flowering consciousness. In the beginning of spirituality we are like a seed. And in the end of spirituality we have to be like the flowers. The colour is nothing but a metaphor for the flowering state. The seed state is a state of potentiality. And the state of flowering is a state of self-actualization. This is the journey.

Just see, you have killed their innocence and curiosity. This is the problem with the elders. The moment they learn something, they want to impart that learning vehemently on others. This is a trespass. This is a crime on the innocent minds.

Once Newton thought that the space is like an absolute thing. And this idea stayed there for more than 150 years until Albert Einstein came and destroyed that idea. And Newton died with this wrong notion that the space is an absolute thing.

I think you have no idea about the space. The space is not possible without an object. If there is no object there is no space. If the object is not moving in the space then there is no time too. Albert Einstein has proved to the world that space and time are relative. They are not two different things.

On a very higher plane the thoughts are also objects. When they are moving in the sapce of the mind they create an illusion of time. When thoughts arise in the mind they create their own mind space. The human being becomes a space-time object. There is no God as a person. When you transcend this space-time object you experience the divinity. The divinity is beyond space and time.

Apart from the white light and other coloured lights, there are some lights which are not visible to our outer eyes. And what about the inner light the mystics are talking about? Do you think it has a colour? Do you think it has a flavour? The inner light is visible only to an inner eye.

What is the colour of water? What is the flavour of water? What is the taste of water? It is colourless, flavourless, and tasteless. And yet we can’t live without water.

Please don’t stop their inquiry by giving them your own dogmas and concepts. Please don’t stop their curiosity. Please don’t stop their exploration. Please tell them how to look and where to look. But please don’t tell them what to look. You are telling them in advance that the God is a concept. You are defining them the God. Now they will live according to your definition of God. They may not try to know on their own.

Let them explore. Let them adventure. Let them know on their own. Let them think and ponder. Please don’t give them your ready-made answers. You have killed their curiousity and innocence. You have programmed and corrupted their innocent minds. Please don’t do that.

Let the God remain undefined. Let the God remain unknown. The moment you define, God loses its meaning. God can be experienced but God can not be expressed. Every expression only becomes a part of God. Every expression only becomes a sub-set of God. God is in everything and everyone. God means everything and God means nothing too. God is in everybody and nobody. Can you please tell me from where God starts and where it ends? The territory of God is beginningless and endless. It is Anadi and Ananta.