“Aam Aadmi” to “Khaas Aadmi”

What is the big fuss if Aam Aadmi Party Chief, Arvind Kejriwal, travels in a business class? After all, economy class to business class is a great transition. And “Aam Aadmi” to “Khaas Aadmi” is a great change and transformation. It seems Arvind Kejriwal and AAP are taking the help of a Brand Consultant and Image Consultant. There is a lot of change in the image makeover and brand image of Arvind Kejriwal and AAP. The party chief has moved in the brand makeover of these aspects of the brand: transformed from an ordinary activist to an Aam Aadmi Party Chief, moved from being a simple person to a 49 day Delhi Chief Minister, moved from an ordinary house to a big government bungalow, moved from travelling in a small car to flying in a business class. Arvind Kejriwal is no more only an activist now. He is no more only an anti-corruption crusader. He is now moving in the domain of a Business Leadership. He is trying to strengthen and leverage his brand with Business Leadership and Political Leadership.

Indian resources are becoming very important in the world of business and economy today. Investors and Venture Capitalists from all over the world are finding various ways and means of investing their money in the Indian economy through various ideologies. Money and investment is coming into India from all possible directions and in all domains of the leadership – Business, Social, Political, and Spiritual. The people of India should have a close watch on all these developments. The whole thing should not lead us to the earlier situation of an East India Company coming to India and ruling on us from behind.

The opposition parties are saying that this is a double standard and a camouflage. That he talks one thing and does another thing. That his ideology is not clear. That he talks the language of an Aam Aadmi and then does the actions of a Khaas Aadmi. The Aam Aadmi Party defends this saying that the business class ticket has been sponsored by the sponsors and also Arvind Kejriwal was not feeling well and was not in a position to travel in an economy class. However, Arvind Kejriwal himself has clarified this position while addressing the participants in the seminar in Dubai. He said the dream of AAP is to make every Aam Aadmi be able to travel in a business class.

The most important things in business and politics are of trust and transparency. And while increasing the value of their brands, the Business Leaders and Political Leaders should pay attention to these attributes that go a long way in making their brands stronger and smarter.