Livelihood Vs. Buddhahood


Buddha is not against living. He is definitely against leaving. He is against leaving problems to God to solve them. There is no God the way we perceive God to be. We perceive God to be a super human entity somewhere up in the heaven. There is no such God somewhere up. So he can never come and solve our problems. We always look up and never look in. All the problems in life are our problems and surely it is our responsibility to solve them. We have created them and hence we have to own up the problems to find solutions to solve them. Buddha is in favour of improving our lives. He is for bettering our lives. He is not against life. He is not against love. He is for better life and better love. He is for Enlightened Living. He is for living wisely out of mindfulness. He is for a conscious living. He is not against Dollars. He has reverence for Dhamma and Dollars. He is not against Numbers. He is for Numbers and Nirvana. He is for quality in quantity. He is for a Quantum Consciousness. He is for matter and spirit together. He is for spirit in the matter. Everything is divine and sacred. There is nothing in the existence that is evil or non-sacred. The whole existence is divine.

Then why he left the world? This is a basic question. The only answer is that he was not aware of all this. He was carrying a wrong notion and a wrong understanding because of a wrong spiritual tradition. The tradition was that of renunciation and asceticism. And this was utterly a wrong tradition. This was one reason for his leaving the world. And the second reason was that in his whole life since childhood he was given to know only one side of life, that is, the life of comfort and convenience. He was never shown the other side of life. That is, the life of poverty, hunger and misery. Life is like the two sides of a coin. And the psychology is that if we accept only one side then slowly the other side will start surfacing and attracting. This is a simple psychology. It is a simple psychology of the attraction of the opposite. In the east people have been living in acute poverty and hence an attraction for Technology Leadership and Business Leadership. In the west people have been living in abundant comfort and luxury. And hence an attraction for Spiritual Leadership and Enlightened Leadership.


When we suppress and repress one side, the other side creates a pressure and gains a momentum to assert and surface. This is a simple psychology. We need a new science of holistic living. We need a science of total living. Body and soul are not two different things. Matter and spirit are not two different things. Quantity and quality are not two different things. Hardware and software are not two different things. Dollars and Dhamma are not different things. Number and Nirvana are not two different things. Materialism and spiritualism are not two different ways of living. Therefore, Livelihood and Buddhahood are not antonyms. They are not against each other. They complement and support each other. Buddhahood is nothing but bringing in mindfulness in livelihood. Buddhahood is living with mindfulness. And there is no need to leave anything. There is no need to give up anything. The non-essential things, the unwanted things (wrong ideas, wrong notions, prejudices, preoccupations, wrong perceptions) will automatically be dissolved and disappeared in the process of mindfulness. Mindfulness embeds within two powerful principles. The observer is the observed. This is the first principle. The observation changes the nature of the observer and the observed. This is the second principle. And in the process of mindfulness there is a unification and an experience of oneness. Because the object is not only an object it is a subject too. The object gets transformed into the subject.

The above experience of unification and oneness is not possible in the objective science because of the observer principle. At the heart of science is a duality because of the observer principle. This observer principle always keeps the observer away from the observed. And the difference between the observer and the observed remains infinite.

Let us bring in mindfulness in livelihood and bridge the gap between Livelihood and Buddhahood. They are not two different ways of living. Let us make them as one way of living. Let it be an Enlightened Living. An Enlightened World and an Enlightened Universe is waiting for us 🙂

“Mindfulness embeds within two powerful principles. The observer is the observed. This is the first principle. The observation changes the nature of the observer and the observed. This is the second principle. And in the process of mindfulness there is a unification and an experience of oneness. Because the object is not only an object it is a subject too. The object gets transformed into the subject.”


“Aam Aadmi” to “Khaas Aadmi”

What is the big fuss if Aam Aadmi Party Chief, Arvind Kejriwal, travels in a business class? After all, economy class to business class is a great transition. And “Aam Aadmi” to “Khaas Aadmi” is a great change and transformation. It seems Arvind Kejriwal and AAP are taking the help of a Brand Consultant and Image Consultant. There is a lot of change in the image makeover and brand image of Arvind Kejriwal and AAP. The party chief has moved in the brand makeover of these aspects of the brand: transformed from an ordinary activist to an Aam Aadmi Party Chief, moved from being a simple person to a 49 day Delhi Chief Minister, moved from an ordinary house to a big government bungalow, moved from travelling in a small car to flying in a business class. Arvind Kejriwal is no more only an activist now. He is no more only an anti-corruption crusader. He is now moving in the domain of a Business Leadership. He is trying to strengthen and leverage his brand with Business Leadership and Political Leadership.

Indian resources are becoming very important in the world of business and economy today. Investors and Venture Capitalists from all over the world are finding various ways and means of investing their money in the Indian economy through various ideologies. Money and investment is coming into India from all possible directions and in all domains of the leadership – Business, Social, Political, and Spiritual. The people of India should have a close watch on all these developments. The whole thing should not lead us to the earlier situation of an East India Company coming to India and ruling on us from behind.

The opposition parties are saying that this is a double standard and a camouflage. That he talks one thing and does another thing. That his ideology is not clear. That he talks the language of an Aam Aadmi and then does the actions of a Khaas Aadmi. The Aam Aadmi Party defends this saying that the business class ticket has been sponsored by the sponsors and also Arvind Kejriwal was not feeling well and was not in a position to travel in an economy class. However, Arvind Kejriwal himself has clarified this position while addressing the participants in the seminar in Dubai. He said the dream of AAP is to make every Aam Aadmi be able to travel in a business class.

The most important things in business and politics are of trust and transparency. And while increasing the value of their brands, the Business Leaders and Political Leaders should pay attention to these attributes that go a long way in making their brands stronger and smarter.


Life Leadership Program

Life is a mystery and it can never be defined. It can only be lived and experienced. We can learn the life leadership lessons from great people. Life throws many challenges and may give rise to many leadership roles. And some major leadership roles are: Technology Leadership, Business Leadership, Political Leadership, Social Leadership, and Spiritual Leadership.

Business Leadership:

A value that benefits only a few and not many. “A value is a difference of the cost of output and input.”

Richard Branson says, “I wanted to be an editor or a journalist, I wasn’t really interested in being an entrepreneur, but I soon found I had to become an entrepreneur in order to keep my magazine going.”

Business Leadership is to create a value in the form of products, services, and solutions, and share these values for an exchange.

Technology Leadership:

A leadership that creates a technology that leverages the power of the above values. “The technology is neutral. It absolutely depends on us as to how we use the same.”

Technology plays an important role in the life and growth of people. The technology is neutral and it all depends on us as to how we use the same. A knife can be used to cut an apple or one’s own hand. And it can also be used in an operation theatre by a doctor to save the life of a person.

Political Leadership:

A leadership that allows the use of power to create the above values.

This is what Jimi Hendrix says, “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”

The whole purpose of a Political Leadership is to move the power to the people. And eventually, all power is for a prayer. All desire is to move towards divinity. And all energy is for Enlightenment.

Social Leadership:

A value that benefits many and not only a few. “A value is a difference of the cost of output and input.”

The whole world is one family. And everything is interconnected. There is nothing that lies outside the existence. The whole existence is a one unity. And this philosophy has been called by the ancients as Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.

Spiritual Leadership:

A value that benefits everybody and everyone. “A value means now there is no difference and no gap.”

Spirituality has to be a social revolution. The mundane has to be spiritual, and the spiritual has to be mundane. It is not that what you do at home and the office is mundane, and what you do in the Ashram is sacred. Every mundane act has to be a divine act. This is Spiritual Leadership.

Leadership means to create a “value” that benefits the whole of humanity. And a leader is one who “shares” this value with the world. The value differs in each case. The value chain moves forward. It is just like how the raw gold moves from the state of a raw gold to the state of a 24-carat gold on the value chain. Spirituality is, therefore, an inner value chain. It is a process of moving from an ego-center to a conscious-center. The conscious center has a beginning but no end. It is endless and infinite.

Leadership Poll

Each person has his own liking for a particular leadership role. “Leaders are born and are not made”, is an old adage. People can be trained to become great leaders. A good leader is one who can create other great leaders. This is a new adage that is in. Leadership Poll is just to check and know your liking for a particular leadership role. Please choose your own true choice.